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PC Horse Games


Lucinda Greens: Equestrian Challenge™

This is one of the better horse games for the Computer. I have spent many hours myself playing this game and find its graphics quite realisitc especially for the age of the game. Its aimed at adults as well as children in a way so that everyone can enjoy the game. I really enjoyed the show jumping aspect to the game, and the fact you can customise your horse and win saddles and other tack. Its a really good game and worth the purchase!

Rating: StarStarStarStarStar

Manufacturers Description:

Tack up, it's time to ride!
Create the perfect horse to be your partner in play, practice and competition. You will form strong bonds with your horse as you feed, groom and train to perfect your skills. The more you train with your horse, the better it will perform as you win your way to prestigious international events comprising Show Jumping, Dressage and Cross Country.

World-Renowned Lucinda Green will guide you through your journey

Equestrian Challenge is an horse riding game based on three-day eventing: Show Jumping, Cross Country, and Dressage.

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You begin as a young rider at the two-star level who is taken under the wing of Lucinda Green, one of the world's most accomplished eventing riders, who trains you and your horse to reach three and four-star competitive events.

These competitive events take place at our officially licensed event locations: Adelaide, Kentucky, Badminton, and Burghley.

Your horse must be cared for at home in the paddock to make sure it's fed, watered, groomed, and happy. You can also develop your horse's stats (Speed, Stamina, Jumping, Agility, Trust) by winning events and progressing through the game.

At the four star-level, you compete against some of the world's top riders, including: Polly Stockton, Mary King, Phillip Dutton, William Fox-Pitt, Andreas Dibowski, Wendy Schaefer, Caroline Powell, Jan Thompson/Byyny, Andrew Scott, Megan Jones, Dirk Schrade, Clayton Fredricks, Karren O'Connor, Nick Gaulett, Darren Chiaccia, and David O'Connor.

During the game there are hundreds of unlockables to win including: clothes, ribbons and prizes. Some of these are used to improve your performance in subsequent events, others as awards for winning competitions.

With Lucinda Green's guidance, the ultimate goal is to win all four four-star events at Adelaide, Kentucky, Badminton, and Burghley.

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