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Copyright and Trademarks

All content found on EbonyGraphix™ is copyrighted and must not be used for commerical purposes or redistributed in compliance with our Terms and Conditions. Any person found in violation of Copyright and/or terms and conditions will be delt with accordingly. We are not afraid to take legal action against copyright infringement and/or people who steal content from EbonyGraphix™.

All images used on EbonyGraphix™ have been used with permission from the owner of the image. Many images contained in Layouts found on EbonyGraphix™ are from a stock exchange resource called SXC. Others have been submitted by users of EbonyGraphix™ to our Gallery (now not in use) and by submitting those images to the gallery they agree they can be used on EbonyGraphix™ layouts and all copyright has been wavered.

EbonyGraphix™ is a unregistered trademark, and must not be used without permission.

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