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MyStable Game Help

MyStable Help Section

Crossbreeding on MyStable™

On many horse games crossbreeding is seen as a bad thing, on MyStable™ this is not a bad thing at all. Here are some crossbreed combinations to help you play MyStable™ and discover new breeding genetics!

Result Breed = Breed 1 x Breed 2
Anglo Arabian = Arabian x Thoroughbred
Pony of the Americas = Shetland Pony x Appaloosa
Gypsy Vanner = Paint x Shire Horse
Welara Pony = Welsh Pony x Arabian
Welsh Pony Section C = Welsh Pony Section A x Welsh Pony Section D
Frieberger = Jura Horse x Thoroughbred
Furioso = Hungarian Warmblood x Thoroughbred
Quarab = Arabian x Quarter Horse
Irish Sport Horse = Irish Draft x Thoroughbred
Zorse = Zebra x Any Horse
Mule = Donkey x Any Horse
Morisian = Friesian x Morgan
American Saddlebred = Golden American Saddlebred x American Saddlebred
Walkaloosa = Tennessee Walking Horse x Appaloosa
Warmblood = Hungarian Warmbood x Iberian Warmblood

How can I breed my mare to my stallion?

You can breed your own horses together at your "Stable" > "Breeding Pasture".

All purebreeds can breed together with the exception of the Zonkey, Zorse and Mule. If you select your stallion and after the page refreshes none of your mare show up... it simply means they are not compatible.

How can I breed my mare to someone elses stallion?

You can breed your mare to someone elses stallion at the "Town" > "Breeding Center"

Simly select your mare, then the page will refresh and all compatible breeds will be listed, simply pick a breed of stallion then select the stallion from the list by pressing the button next to his name.

This is much easier and you can make some great crossbreed combinations by breeding different horse breeds together.

How to get free credits

The game unlike most other online horse games out there offer a free option to get credits. To do this is very easy and is very rewarding. Simply go to the credits section of the game which you can get to by clicking on "credits" which is located on the top black menu bar. In the list is a bit which says "earn free credits" simply fill out the offers with information and get free credits to spend in the game within minutes!

I recomend creating a brand new email account which you can delete afterwards and filling out the offer forms with not real information except for a real email address that way you are guarenteed to get the credits. Ive earned about 83 MyStable credits now through the earn credits section and it is great!



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