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HorseIsle Game Help

Horse Isle Help Section

HorseIsle UTS Calculator

If you wish to quickly find out the UTS of your horseIsle horse type your horses information in below and press the calculate button for instant results.

Select Breed
Enter Intelligence
Enter Personality

How to work out your horses UTS.

This is actually a lot easier than people make it out to be although it can be confusing to some.
The screenshot below is an example which we are going to use.


To work out your horses UTS you need to enter the Inteligence and Personality into our HorseIsle UTS calculator, that your horse has these can be found on the red chart under Advanced Stats... show above.

Simply use our HorseIsle UTS calculator to calculate your horses UTS as a percentage.


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What are UTS?

When a player is looking to buy a horse they may post that they want a horse with more than 80% uts. It basically means untrainable stats. There are only two untrainable stats and these are personality and intelligence which you cannot teach your horse at a training area on Horseisle. Horses with high UTS are highly sought after and people will pay a lot of money for them.

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What are capped UTS?

Again for this I am using a visual example as it is easier to understand. An example of a horse with a capped intelligence is below, as you can see it looks like the stat bar for intelligance has a cap on its top, like a hat on your head.

As you can also see the other stats are not capped. Generally when someone is looking for a capped UTS horse this means both Intelligance and Personality has a capped top. Its always best asking the person what they want.


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Guide: Where to sell your items for most money

While walking around HorseIsle™ you will discover a lot of differnet items laying around on the ground, different items will be present in the woods, sand, grass and beaches so its important to know where to look for specific items.

Item Location Where to sell Sale Price
Blueberry Grass Sandra on Dolphin Isle 10 for $100
Strawberry Grass Sandra on Dolphin Isle 10 for $100
Cranberry Grass Sandra on Dolphin Isle 10 for $100
Huckleberry Grass Sandra on Dolphin Isle 10 for $100
Dandilons Grass Krista in Whiskerton (Cat Isle) 10 for $100
Peacock Feather Grass Allaire in Mystic Forest (saddle Isle) 1 for $100
Feather Grass Allaire in Mystic Forest (Saddle Isle) 1 for $50
Grasshoppers Grass Joylyn in Treeton (horseisle) 1 for $100
Logs Grass Rupert in Chillton 1 for $100
Little Lizard Desert Sand Dakota in Santon (Desert isle) 1 for $100
Scorpion Desert Sand Dakota in Santon (Desert Isle)
1 for $200
Scorpion Desert Sand Snake on Dust Isle (Dust Isle) 25 for 1 Diamond
Diamond Desert Sand Appleton Rocks (best price) --
Coconuts Sand Donna in Crystalton (Ice Isle) --
Pinecones Woods Elizabeth on Bone Isle 50 for $2,000
Red Pinecones Woods Twig in Eartip Forest (above Earton) 1 for $1,000
Strong Skinny Branches Woods Krista in Whiskerton (Cat isle) 10 for $100
Earthworms Woods Davy on Loch Isle 10 for $500
Blackberry Bushes Sandra on Dolphin Isle 10 for $100
Raspberry Bushes Sandra on Dolphin Isle 10 for $100
Thimbleberry Bushes Sandra on Dolphin Isle 10 for $100
Cattails Bushes Filmore on Cloud Isle 10 for $100
Venetian Food Bushes Second pig on cloud isle 5 for $100
Oranges Orange Tree Charla Mae in Hotton (Desert) 7 for $150
Haybales Towns Donna in Crystalton (Ice Isle) --
Copper Ore Rocks Nicolette in Chillton 1 for $30
Sparkling Feather Cloud Isle Allaire in Mystic Forest (Saddle Isle) 1 for $150

Guide: How to reach the Isles

If you are a little lost and would like to find out how to get to a certain isle on HorseIsle, please check this out.

Destination Isle Transport Start Point Trip Cost
Ardent Isle Boat Palm Isle Dock --
Aesop Isle -- Talk to Dusty on Dust Isle --
Atropos Boat Palm Isle Dock --
Bone Isle -- Talk to Hudson on Turtle Isle --
Cloud Isle -- Complete 75% of your quests then talk to Winchell on Jungle. 3 Giant Coconuts
Cresent -- Talk to Demetrius in Witherton --
Dust Isle -- Talk to Dusty who is located on the 3rd Sand Isle --
Eldorado -- Talk to Sara on Bone Isle --
Haven Isle -- Talk to dock owner on turtle --
Hotzeplotz -- Talk to Grey Slate (rock shop) on Hare isle --
Igneous -- Talk to Patsy on Lava then to Koko. --
Lilac Isle -- Talk to Mr. Tuttle on Turtle isle --
Loch Isle -- Talk to fish shop owner in treeton --
Lava Isle -- Talk to Derdire on Hoof
25% Quests need to be done
5 Wildflower
Mare Isle -- Talk to Temperance in Treeton --
Neverending Isles -- Ride the Lucky Dragon by the house on turtle isle beach. --
Palm Isle -- Dig in the top northwest corner of mare isle --
Paradise Isle -- Talk to Robin on Rider Isle --
Pirate Isle Boat You must have at least 50% of quests completed and then give two pearls to either of the rowboats located on Saddle Isle or Bird Isle 2 Pearls
Puuhonua Isle -- You must go to Tail Isle and talk to Barett who is the General Store owner. --
Quiet Isle -- You must go to Muzzle Forest and talk to Galvin --
Rock Isle -- Go to turtle isle and talk to Mr. Tuttle who is in Shellton. You must then go and talk to Bailey on Lilac who is a hidden NPC who you can just walk over appears in random spot. She will send you to rock isle. --
Saddle Isle -- Visit rider isle and talk to the residents of the town there, one will give you a password for the bridge which goes to Saddle Isle from the top right of Rider Isle. (Please remember to never request the password in Horseisle Chat as the moderators/admin will change the password). --
Sand Isles Boat Go to Desert isle and walk to the dock on the top left side of desert, take the boat to Sand Isle --
Shimmer Isle Boat Go to Palm isle and take the boat to Shimmer isle. --
Theobroma Isle   Go to Hotzeplotz Isle and talk to King Phill, he will send you there.  
Spirit Isle Pegasus The only way to reach this isle is if you spend a lot of game money on renting a pegasus, which you can do from cloud isle.  

HorseIsle Quest Rewards

Earton Town Quests

  • You Completed Griffin's Niece! You earned $3000 and 100 quest points.
  • You completed the Song for Jasper! You earned $1000 and 25 quest points.
  • You completed Stella's Fish Sack quest. You earned $5000 and 100 quest points.
  • You completed Violet's Binoculars Quest. You earned $3000 and 25 quest points.
  • You Completed the Hazelnuts for Tobias Quest! You earned $2000 and 50 quest points.
  • You completed Nadine's Painting! You earned $5000 and 25 quest points.
  • You Completed Phyllis Clipper's Broom! You earned $2000 and 25 quest points.
  • You Completed Mary Molasses's Horse Breed Quiz. You earned $10,000 and 50 quest points.
  • You Completed Daisy Gerbera's Bright Idea. You earned $5,000 and 25 quest points.
  • You Completed Eli Grits' Treat. You earned $5000 and 75 quest points.

Treeton Town Quests

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4

Mare Isle Quests

  • You Completed Temperance's Sister Quest! You earned $5000 and 75 quest points.

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